Monday, April 16, 2012

Atom Wheels: Pulses Get Put to the Test

I would like to thank and talk about one of the sponsors that helps make Sk8 the State for MS possible. Atom Wheels makes Pulses, which are an outdoor quad skate wheel. Every year since we started Sk8 the State in 2010, when we first skated across South Dakota, Atom wheels has generously donated multiple sets of wheels for each skater to help us with our journey to raise money for MS research and funding.

 Now, I have owned many pairs of outdoor wheels and I can honestly say that none of them even come close to the Pulses awesome-ness! Not only do they absorb the stress and shock that accompany outdoor skating, they also glide over small pebbles and sticks that would usually leave a skater bleeding on the street. I know this because I usually am the skater bleeding in the street. They are smooth and heavenly which makes outdoor skating pleasurable as it should be. 
Another amazing thing about the Pulses is how many miles you can push out of a set! South Dakota was 266 miles and Nebraska was 216, all on pulses. Of course, after so many miles the wheels will have wear and tear, the occasional chunk out or crack. This is bound to happen when you are cruising across a state at 15 miles per hour on well-worn roads. On the last two Sk8 the State's each state only destroyed between 2-4 of my wheels. This fact alone proves how awesome they are,  because out of eight wheels on your skates only chunking a couple of the wheels after well over two hundred miles is fantastic!
Thank you Atom wheels, not only for your generosity,but for making amazing and durable skating equipment. Thank you for sponsoring the Sk8 the State for MS girls.

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  1. I couldn't agree more about the Pulses! I LOOOOVE mine, and I love Team Leadfoot!